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SEY Double Edge Safety Razor
SEY Reusable Double-Edged Safety Razor with stand
SEY Reusable Double-Edged Safety Razor with stand
SEY Reusable Double-Edged Safety Razor with stand
SEY Reusable Double-Edged Safety Razor with stand
SEY Reusable Double-Edged Safety Razor with stand
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SEY Reusable Double-Edged Safety Razor with stand

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                                            What's in the package?
  1. A double-edged safety razor with a stand
  2. A pack of 10 premium stainless steel blades

Our SEY reusable razor is the perfect alternative for anyone who wants to replace their disposable razors. Disposable razors which are made of plastic has become an environmental hazard as they don't get recycled but instead found their way into landfill. What's worse they usually come in an unnecessary amount of plastic packaging. 

This beautifully designed reusable razor provides many benefits economically and environmentally. 


  1. Durable and can be reused over and over again. This helps reduce waste
  2. Doesn't come with excess, plastic packaging
  3. Come with a pack of 10 premium stainless steel blades. It is so hard to find razor blades that don't come in unnecessary plastic packaging. The blades come in a simple small paper box
  4. Unisex. A lot of razors are designed separately for men and women. This razor blade is perfect for both.
  5. Comes with a stand that provides easy storage


1.Are double edge safety razor better?

Comparing to disposable razor, reusable ones are more durable and can be used for years. This is also more economical and environmentally friendly. It is cheaper to buy razor blades for use compared to a pack of plastic disposable razors.

2. How long does it last?

This depends on how frequent a person shaves. You can get 5-7 close shaves before changing your blades.

3. Does it shave properly?

I've been using reusable razors for years. The difference that I've found is that if the blades provide a better close shave especially if you have thick hair. At the same time, the SEY double edge razor prevents clogging which can often occur with a disposable razor. It's also easier to clean so that it can be reused.

4. Can I pick up my razor?

If you're able to come down to Cardiff then yes. We are located at The Sustainable Studio, Curran building 7, Curran road, CF105NE, Cardiff. Or else we will get it delivered to you FREE shipping in the UK.


Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review

The razor is very high quality and it feels good not to generate so much waste with replacement heads.
The wood feels incredibly smooth and soft. The metal parts are very smooth too and durable seeming. The stand is very useful. The post-shaving cream was an unexpected bonus!
I had never used this type of razor before. I bought this to replace a Gilette Venus razor. Compared to that, the Sey razor is very very gentle. I can't even feel the hairs being shaved, but then my skin feels very smooth after and I can't see any hairs, so it definitely is working! Compared with a Gilette style 3-blade razor, I'd say I have to go over the same patch slightly more times. I've used this on my neck and chin and getting the right angle is the key to getting tiny hairs. Unlike the Gilette razors, I don't feel like I'm scratching my skin with this old-fashioned-style razor. The only criticism I have is a minor one and it's the corners. As they are square, they can scrape a little when shaving nooks like an armpit. Still, it's much less of a scrape than what you would feel with a Gilette razor where you're actually scratching the skin!
I would highly recommend this razor to anyone wanting to shave armpits, legs, neck and chin!