Within 14 Days of purchase. To be eligible for a return for an exchange of another product or for your full refund, the container must still be in good condition in the original packaging. Here at SEY cosmetics we focus heavily on reducing waste, hence we do reuse and refill our containers. Products such as creams cannot be reuse as it has already been open, but the original containers can.

For goods that arrived in damaged containers (such as broken glass), pictures of that item must be send to
For returned goods, please send it to SEY cosmetics, The Sustainable Studio, Curran building 7, Curran road, CF105NE, Cardiff, Wales. Please make sure that you have written the correct address.

Refund will be issued if
The order you’ve obtained is damaged. For example broken glass (a picture(s) of the broken item is necessary).
The order seemed to have leaked. For example any liquid product that has leaked within the packaging. (a picture(s) of the leaked item is necessary).
If the smell of the product was not want you wanted. In this case, it’s the product itself and not damaged packaging. For such order, the packaging must be returned to us undamaged, and the container must still be in a saleable condition. (The cosmetics are not designed with fragrance oil but with natural vegetable oils, waxes and butter. Please note that such products will not smell like perfume but instead of their natural counterpart).

Also note that You need to provide the receipt or proof of purchase.
We’ll issue a full refund to the card you paid with or PayPal if you paid with that, or exchange the item for another one, or a different colour or type of product if preferred, within 14 working days of receipt.

Faulty Goods (Also to refer back to refund section)
If you’re returning goods because they were received in a different colour (for example lipsticks), a smell that you don’t really like (please refer back to the refund section) please contact us as soon as possible, so that we can process your return as quickly and efficiently as possible. Make sure to explain clearly why you want a refund or why you are requesting for another product. Pictures must be send to us or else we won’t be able to process with your refund.

If on inspection it is obvious that any fault occurred due to damage, misuse, neglect, repair or modification by you the customer, then unfortunately we won’t be able to cover postage charges or offer a refund/replacement.
When sending something back please use Royal mail and send us the receipt that you get from the post office. Royal mail is the preferred delivery service. To make certain that we receive you packages please use ROYAL MAIL. If you use the signed delivery option from Royal mail, please make sure to send us the code so we can track it.

How to Return
When returning an item, please contact us first and when sending back, please make sure you include:

1.Your full name and contact details
2.Order number (found on the delivery note)
3.Code number(if you’ve used signed option)
4.The goods in their original packaging
5.A copy of the original delivery note would be good
6.At the same time, please tell us in clear details why you are returning   your goods, so we can quickly put things right.