Working collectively for a greener, more sustainable future is much more effective, that’s why here at SEY cosmetics not only do we promise to develop products which are simply natural, and kind to you and the environment, but we also promise to reduce negative ecological effects through our re-useable packaging and our carbon offset programme.

All our beauty products are made from simple formulations of natural ingredients, are cruelty free and vegan and are packaged in containers that are refillable or re-useable.

What’s more, SEY cosmetics has teamed up with Tree Nation to help plant a tree every time someone purchases from our eco-beauty range and even when someone visits our website! So, the more you visit or buy, the more trees we can plant, and the more we can support reforestation to help offset our carbon footprint.


We even offer reusable gift vouchers, that can be gifted over and over again to friends, rather than simply throwing it away, or you can return it to us for 10% off.

Tackling the environmental issue is not something that a single person or business can do on their own. We have to work collectively together for a greener future. 

For every purchase that is made our customers and SEY helps plant a tree. This is a great way to help with reforestation and also to offset our carbon footprint.

For every visit made onto our website we help offset our carbon footprint from website viewing by planting a tree.

We offer thank you reusable gift vouchers, that can be gifted over and over again to friends. This is a great option rather than simply throwing things away.

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