Zero waste beauty shop in Cardiff, Wales UK

Zero waste beauty shop in Cardiff. SEY cosmetics

SEY cosmetics is a zero waste beauty shop in Cardiff.

The beauty shop is divided into a beauty studio/shop and SEY cosmetics laboratory.

Customers can come and shop for their zero waste makeup and skincare or buy their refills.

Zero Waste Beauty Shop in Cardiff | SEY cosmetics.

SEY cosmetics focuses on designing beauty products that benefit its customers and the environment.

The website has been designed to make it easier for eco-conscious consumers to browse and shop.

There are different methods of payments, such as instalment payments with no interest rate for anyone who wishes to break down their payment in an easier manageable way.

Refill ♻.

Anyone who wishes to refill their containers, including filling their empty containers at home, can do so by subscribing to our refill subscription program. 

The products are designed in a way for them to last hence making the end product more sustainable. Consuming less helps protect the environment. At the same time, reusing our containers reduces the number of containers ending in landfills.

Our zero waste beauty shop also focuses on inclusivity ✅.

SEY cosmetics- a zero waste beauty shop in Cardiff that focuses on inclusivity

This is incredibly important as a unified society that practices equality and togetherness will thrive and help with sustainable living.

SEY cosmetics does not focus on a recycling system but instead a return and refill system compared to many other beauty brands.

There aren't any good policies and laws to sustain a functioning environmentally friendly recycling system, and we can reuse and refill our containers to help reduce waste.