The best vegan lipstick of 2022. Cruelty-free, refillable, fragrance free.

The best vegan lipstick that are cruelty-free, refillable, fragrance free. - SEY cosmetics

If you're interested in vegan lipstick that are cruelty-free, refillable, fragrance free and also eco-friendly look no further. All of our SEY lipsticks are ethically made in Cardiff at The Sustainable Studio. The ingredients are ethically sourced and all the containers are refillable.

We focus more on refill rather than recycling because unfortunately not all containers gets recycled. This depends on the policies and laws within the region.

The ingredients used are organically certified oils, waxes and butter. All lipsticks are also fragrance free. If you're interested in refill, check out our refill page here.

We don't only refill only our lipstick tubes but also your own lipstick tube as long as it 1.2cm in diameter.

We have four different collections:

SEY Chic- Which is a lip gloss in a lipstick tube

SEY Shea- Made of shea butter which helps moisturise the lip

SEY Jolie- A nice double colour lipstick

SEY Matte- Our matte lipsticks are made without petroleum and feels really light on the lips

Snowy Owl Collection- A lovely lipstick case that makes for a perfect lipstick

SEY sheer- Bronze, brown, coral colours. Very subtle with a nice glow. Perfect for anyone looking for a very nice sophisticated subtle colour.