How the environment affects our wellbeing

How the environment affects our wellbeing - SEY cosmetics

The evolution of science has led to different technologies that give us a more comfortable and convenient life, but are we the happiest, fulfilled and joyful generation? We have all the technology we need to deal with our issues but we are not using it to create a better society for everyone, instead we focus only on profit and not on wellbeing. The state of our surrounding environment affects our wellbeing. By taking care of it, it will in return take care of us.

One of the many issues that affects our wellbeing is condition of our environment. For years we have been degrading our environment and creating a hostile future for the generation to come. Now it is our turn to do our part for the benefit of others and the planet so that when we move on, we leave the earth a bit better than when we had it and increase the wellbeing of the people we leave it to. 

Environment protection and societal wellbeing are not separate issues, protecting the planet and every other species including ourselves increases wellbeing. Depending on the state of the environment affects our wellbeing. By helping to maintain a healthy ecosystem we help provide viable homes for every living creature. We cannot continue living the way we do by simultaneously destroying the earth for our benefit.

Expressions such as "knowledge is power" are mentioned  often, but in reality, knowledge is completely useless if we do not know how to use it. Every year or so we hear of a new form of green innovation and the majority of them are very

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inventive technologies that can provide solutions to our current waste problem and decrease carbon emissions. Unfortunately, none of those innovations or the people behind them have found a way to rapidly adjust human behaviour for the benefit of the environment.

It doesn’t matter how many recycling centres the government or big investors invests in, it doesn’t matter if we come up with more biodegradable plastics. If the nation doesn’t have strong policies and laws that work to adjust human behaviours these "solutions” will only lead to more problems and confuse consumers even further.

As individuals, we need to realise that our actions might be causing more harm than good if we choose to ignore the problems.  


One way to understand how our actions are causing harm is simply to pay attention to nature and I mean truly pay attention and understand why we need to protect the planet. The next bit, which is the hardest, is to understand why it is in our interest to protect the planet.

A healthy nation thrives in a healthy ecosystem. If we cannot live alongside all other creatures within our natural habitat how are we supposed to understand how and why

we need to help protect the environment and live alongside each other. 

Everything in this world is connected. If one individual creature within its habitat goes rogue then it’s very easy for the ecosystem to adapt to deal with this one creature.

However, humans have the ability to adapt (destroy) their ecosystem to meet their needs and that becomes even more problematic when we don't have a sufficient level of wellbeing.

If our wellbeing is reduced significantly we can no longer develop solutions to address different issues that are occurring. We need to be in control of our mind, thoughts and emotions, so we can act as the solution without creating more problems.

Identify those around you who are improving wellbeing through protection of the environment and then help them to spread their message to others. If you are in a position where you feel you have a solution to an environmental issue make sure you ask yourself is this something that will increase the wellbeing of all life or is it just for gratification?