We are now facing a new challenge with Greenwashing.

Be careful of Greenwashing companies that lies to consumers to make profit - SEY cosmetics

It's very easy unfortunately for greenwashing companies to target consumers who are genuinely searching for greener alternatives/products. These type of consumers are not new, they've been around for a very long time but green products was considered or seen as a niche market.

With an increase in the number of people becoming more aware of the horrible negative impact that single-use containers or fast fashion has upon the environment, we are seeing an influx of more eco-conscious consumer.

This is where Greenwashing companies come in. It's easy to use a brand's name, a celebrity's influence or a social media influencer to sell a product claiming for it to be green. These type of marketing only brings about more confusion. 

What we have to remember is that companies that are part of this Greenwashing scheme does better and get richer because their false claims help consumers feel better about their purchase.

What SEY cosmetics is trying to do is help introduce a system that has been around for years and that is refill. By reusing your containers as many times as possible it helps reduce waste. At the same time with our social media post, it helps consumers ask questions. Questions that maybe you haven't thought of before.

There is a solution to environmental pollution, but we must first tackle the major issue and that is human behaviours and amount of know-how about dealing with waste.