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by Meghan Gane

A week ago


I unfollowed almost everyone on Instagram for the benefit of my work

by Meghan Gane

A week ago

Why I followed almost everyone on Instagram

by Meghan Gane

A week ago

The reasons why I unfollowed almost everyone on Instagram was because of the overwhelming amount of content that I was consuming day in and day out. This was preventing me from staying focus. The purpose of SEY cosmetics is to provide consumers with different alternatives and solutions for current issues occurring today.

Staying eco conscious
    1.  We provide refills so no containers go into landfill.
    2. Products are designed using ingredients that are biodegradable and non-persistent to help reduce the risk of disrupting the natural ecosystem.
    3. With each product purchased, our customers help plant a tree. This in turn helps with reforestation.
    4. All products are designed to include everyone. Even now in 2021, there's still a problem of lack of inclusivity.
    5. The ingredients are carefully sourced, as we do not want to be part of child labour or slave labour. This is an issue still occurring in our society today.


Hence to be able to fully focus I needed to tune out the noise. Instagram is one

of those platforms where clever marketing is used to target users who want or are ready to make a difference. Unfortunately, a lot of misinformation or misleading marketing tactics are used to reach maximum profit gains.
There's also the problem of the fake life goals expectation that is constantly shown on social media. This tends to create a distraction from the reality of what is happening around us.


Once I decided to dive into my work fully and focus on providing better-improved products that work at helping people and the environment, I started seeing a massive difference.

I started to see how irrelevant the numbers of followers or unfollows were. Before I would focus so much on those numbers that I will stop posting or talk about issues that matter to me such as environmental pollution, child labour or self-love.

I don't see the beauty industry as a separate issue from all the current issues surrounding mental health, equality, or polluting the environment. The beauty industry is part of the problem.


By unfollowing celebrities, influencers, and different brands I am now able to

focus more on what is important. I only follow the Instagram pages that bring value to my life and work.
The problem comes down to, we have lost touch or forgotten that we too form part of the animal kingdom and like all other species, we should be working alongside each other to help maintain a healthy ecosystem. We should be living our life fully and we shouldn't put limitations on ourselves and not exploring our full potential of being human.


Homo sapiens are amongst the most advance and capable species on this planet, unfortunately, we have also become the most destructive. With the influence of social media, we are slowly losing touch with nature. Such platforms should be taken advantage of for the better good. To do so, we must always be in control, it should not control us.

Take a moment and I ask yourself, what is my purpose in life? If you do not know what that is, it's very easy for such platforms to determine what you like, don't like, how you should look, or how you should behave, and worse remove the freedom of free-thinking.


Learn to manage your social media platform. Come into the realisation of what reality is. A lot of times those platforms like Instagram gives a false reality of someone else's life. Check if whoever you're following brings any value into your life.

If after checking you realise that certain influencer, brands, celebrity causes you to doubt yourself, your beauty, your worth, your purpose, maybe it is best if you unfollow them.

Life is for living your best life and not those of others.
These are the reasons why I unfollowed almost everyone on Instagram that I didn't feel was bringing any value into my work. I needed to be fully focused to see things more clearly.



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